About Us

Awards & Certifications


For over 50 years, New MilanoTM has solidified relationships with both its dependable suppliers and valued customers. But how has New MilanoTM become a trusted name in the food industry? In short, thanks to its engagement to quality, service and cleanliness. New MilanoTM has been the recipients of the Consumers Choice Award for more than 15 consecutive years.

Dedication to Perfection

Forever committed to providing the best possible quality product, New MilanoTM prides itself in using only fresh, selected cuts of meat and wholesome fresh spices in the preparation of its artisanal products.

Reputable Customer Service

Courteous and friendly, the staff at New MilanoTM’s continuously strives to meet or exceed customer expectations.

Clean and Safe Work Environment

New MilanoTM‘s appreciates the importance of maintaining a clean work area and proudly receives AAA valuations from the Public Health Bureau for the cleanliness of its premises. Likewise, we closely monitor our products to ensure the Canadian Food inspection Agency standards have been met and we are proudly HACCP certified.